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CAEF - The European Foundry Association
General Secretariat
Secretary General Max Schumacher

c/o Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie
Hansaallee 203 -- 40549 Düsseldorf --Germany
Postfach 10 19 61 -- 40010 Düsseldorf -- Germany
tel.: (+49 211) 6871 217
fax: (+49 211) 6871 40 217

President:  Dr.-Ing. Erwin Flender

Executive Board: Max Schumacher (Speaker), Gerhard Klügge, Dr.-Ing. Christian Wilhelm

Tax ID: 105/5888/0472 VAT ID DE 11 93 5555 2 -- Registry Court: Amtsgericht Düsseldorf Registry No. 3758

CEMAFON - The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association
General Secretariat
Lyoner Str. 18
60528 Frankfurt -- Germany
tel.: +49 (0)69 6603-1278
President:  Gabriele Galante
General Secretary: Dr. Timo Würz
Tax ID 045/2343/6106      
VAT ID DE114156 212

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